President Report

This last April we had our first Annual meeting in person, and it was well attended. As with the rest of the world the Guild is slowly finding the new normal and gearing up to speed in bringing back the fun stuff we used to do.         

  • Elections:         
    • Heather Johnston (me!) was elected to President, 
    •  Sue Magyar moved to the Immediate Past President  
    • Marsha Vincent was reelected to Treasurer.

As this summer instructors have cancelled, Barb Steckel has worked hard to get local, talented, teachers for this summer. Pam Ventgen and Nancy Mathews will both be teaching classes this year. And the education committee had some great ideas going around about class number three- I can’t wait to read her section in the newsletter to see what they decided on!

The Challenge Blocks for 2022 is Balance. They are 12” square and 15 blocks were turned in. In July the blocks will be in Soldotna. Some of the normal places the blocks would be shown are not happening this summer so if you know of a place where they could be displayed for a week or two, please let Jan Wallace know.

There have been several of Grace’s Anniversary BOM quilts that have been completed. A request for something like it again came up at the April meeting. If you didn’t get a chance to do them when they came out, go to the Members Only page and download them. Grace has the request; maybe someone would like to step up and help her get something going? Reach out- many hands make light work.

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