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book coverKathleen Barkley

Table Talk

Runners, Topper, and Family Treats


Gudrun Erla


Published by:

Kansas City Star Books

1729 Grand Avenue

Kansas City, Missouri

Table Talk features some great table runner patterns, five of which are “quilt as you go”.  Perfect for this time of year are the three holiday projects starting on page 45, Jolly Woods Runner, Wrap  It Up Runner, and Mistletoe Magic Topper.  According to Gudrun, all three holiday themed projects come together with some simple construction and make special gifts.

Most of the table runners in Table Talk give you some options such as using 2 ½ strips, a Charm Pack, Layer Cake or fat quarters.  You can add more units to enlarge the size to fit your particular table.  A variety of sizes from hexagon, square, or a traditional rectangular are featured and the patterns range from whimsical to simple elegance.

Gudrun gives concise pointers on using appliqué, pressing, borders, binding with 45 or 90 degree corners, batting/basting, marking, and securing your thread.

Gudrun has also included a variety of interesting recipes from family members including both Grandmothers and her Mother.  Everything from Grandma Ela’s cinnamon rolls, Grandma Sigga’s bread, Mom’s spice cake and chocolate cookies, chicken and spinach quiche, chicken pasta casserole, and more.  Gudrun states, “I hope these projects and recipes make it to your table and inspire some great table talk.”





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