KPQG 2022 Challenge Blocks -    “Balance”


-Parameters announced at Oct 2021 Meeting

-Finished-Challenge Blocks due at the April 2022 meeting

-Blocks displayed in various places on the Peninsula

-Blocks returned to owners at Oct 2022 Meeting




-Size 12” X 12”

-Each block is an individual quilt. 

-The quilt may be finished anyway you choose. 

-No sleeve is required.

-Any quilting technique is encouraged. 

-Feel free to use embellishments, dyes, stencils, and /or stitching to add interest. 

-Simple pieced traditional patterns will work fine

 or create your own design.

-Label your quilt with title, your name, location and year


If you have questions contact one of the committee members: Jan Holland, Debbie Standifer, Karrie Youngblood ,Lorraine Murphy, Karen Sefton, Heather Johnston, Jan Wallace


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