Seward News

We're slowly reconciling ourselves to the fact that it is winter here.  While that opens up many new doors (snow shoveling, etc.), it also allows us to close our sewing room door behind us guilt free, to pick up where we left off in the spring.

Sheila Squires is working hard to get things booked at Seward Resort, our Army Rec Camp.  Their Seabolt Hall is a very roomy area, and perfect for quilt pursuits.  There has already been one retreat, with about ten attendees.  While this room, in non-COVID times, was filled with thirty of us, we don't mind the elbow room.  Sheila has us booked for another retreat in December and a day of sewing Veteran's quilts in November.  When we aren't keeping Seward Resort hopping, other quilt groups from around the state journey to our little gem on Resurrection Bay to enjoy themselves, retreating, shopping, etc.  

We have not been able to find a space for our weekly quilting in quite a while, but Seward Resort may be our answer to that as well.  Keep your fingers crossed for us!!  We miss the fun of either sewing for hours together, or popping in for a cup of tea and a visit.

Our UFO contest is moving along, thanks to our own Heather Johnston.  What would we do without the encouragement, record keeping, and notifications?  Well, we'd have quite a number of UFO's cluttering up our work areas.  Of the 76 projects submitted by those of us participating, 25 have been completed over the last two years.  That's pretty huge, really.  UFO collectors can muffle the screams of projects wanting to be completed very effectively.  We're very thankful Heather is keeping us on task, encouraging us to bring those UFO's into the light!


Enjoy the days to come, hope your Holidays bring you joy and love.


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