President's Report

Hello everyone!


Today, the sun is shining.  We are so blessed!  I am hopeful that we get a lion's share of good weather this year.  We need to get out and let the sun warm us as we go about our activities.


We had our Annual Meeting on April 4th, and I was pleased to see so many of you in attendance (btw, our membership has reached 100 per Cathy Howlett!).  I don't mind this Zoom thing, but will welcome in person meetings again, or even hybrid, with in person and Zoom.  In either case, I felt blessed to be able to see those of you who attended!  Some of the things of interest that happened during that meeting were:

  • Elections:  Karrie Youngblood will be serving a second term as your Vice-President/Education Chair, and Debbie Standefer will be beginning her first term as Secretary.  Thank you Karrie and Debbie for accepting these offices!  Also, a big thank you to Heather Johnston who has had the Secretary post for the last four years.  A floral arrangement was sent to her office by our Hospitality Chair, and she showed them to everyone at the meeting.  Nice!

  • The audit was performed on the Guild's books, and recommendations were made.  Everything was double checked!  The recommendations will be in the minutes to be approved at our October membership meeting.  If you have questions, please ask one of your officers.

  • Karrie Youngblood has 2021 up and running as far as classes.  Due to last year's shutdown, she has been juggling, and doing a good job.  See her report for details.

  • The Members Only page on the website is really growing, and more and more people are posting there, and taking a look around.  This is exactly what we were hoping for!  

  • Grace Lindle's Anniversary Block of the Month blocks are chugging along.  Lois releases them via email, both the original and a pictorial tutorial how to by Heather.  We're loving this, and can't wait to see the completed quilts!

  • The Challenge blocks are going to happen this year!  A committee has been selected, and will be bringing you something wonderful at our October meeting.

  • Jan Wallace has been diligently combing the internet and reaching out to her sources for things to do for a quilter.  Many possibilities!  Tune in to her column in this newsletter for more details.

  • Sharon Hale last year had asked for quilts for children displaced by the fires in the Santa Cruz Mountains.  We sent 54 quilts to her sister, Patty, who distributed them.  Sharon read a thank you note, and there were pictures of these kids with their quilts.  Thank you Sharon for making this happen!  

After the Annual meeting was our executive board meeting.  The subject matter is pretty dry, this is just the behind the scenes operations, making sure everything is covered, all our documentation is clear and up to date, etc.  One exciting thing is that we're going to be moving to digitize all of our documents.  I have to tell you, if you've never been an officer, there is a crazy pants amount of stuff that some officers have in their possession.  Notably, secretary, Historian, Treasurer, Retreat, etc.  Everyone has a little bit, but we're trying to make it so several of the officers don't have multiple totes of documentation, and that there is no redundancy.  A big job, and an ongoing job.  Our committee for the records retention is Adam Bauer, Heather Johnston, and Marsha Vincent.  These detail oriented quilters deserve kudos!!!


I hope you enjoy this edition of the newsletter, and make sure to read each section.  You'll be pleased to know that we are scheduled to have classes in person this year, and a retreat is being planned for February.  It will be so nice to get a little of that back!


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