Book Look

by Kathleen Barkley

To quote Quiltmaker, Kim Brackett, “As a beginning quilter, it took time for me to understand that not all fabrics work well together in a scrap quilt.  Before this epiphany, some of the strangest fabrics followed me home”.   I can relate.

For those of you not already familiar with Kim Brackett, her scrappy quilt projects come with concise, easy-to-follow instructions. Her books generally each contain 16-18 patterns for scrappy quilts.  Kim’s first three books, Scrap-Basket Surprises, Scrap-Basket Sensations, and Scrap-Basket Beauties feature quilt patterns that are jelly roll friendly. Her next two books, Scrap-Basket Strips and Squares and Scrap-Basket Bounty demonstrate how to create pinwheels, geometric motifs, and flower designs from 2 ½ strips and 5 and 10 inch squares. At the end of each project in her books, Kim offers additional color options and block arrangements.  

Kim’s latest book, Scrap-Basket Bounty, is full of single block quilt patterns that lend themselves to multiple arrangements.  She stresses the importance in keeping your fabric values (light and dark) in sharp contrast to one another and when in doubt, try auditioning them to create more movement in your quilt layout.  Kim’s section under Special Piecing Techniques demonstrates triangle-free piecing to create trapezoid and triangle shapes using only squares and rectangles.  

Kim Brackett hails from Gulf Breeze, Florida and is a member of the Pensacola Quilters Guild.  Find out what’s new with Kim by visiting her blog at


Scrap-Basket Bounty book cover
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