“What’s Happening”    Winter 2020

By Jan Wallace

  In Alaska:

Extended until December 15, 2020    

 “Shifting Tides: Convergence in Cloth”

            4 Alaskan quilters were chosen from 160 entries for the 45 piece show.

            Pratt Museum is open 11-4 Thursday, Friday, and Saturday

            Using your phone, you enter a code # and listen to the artist describe it.

Out of ALASKA… or via the computer:

Attend a Virtual Quilt show

After many explorations, I found one you can get into most times


It may have you sign in…so put your email and a password. There is no charge, but of course they would appreciate a donation.

Click on “Discover Quilt Exhibits”

Click on 1 of the shows (ex. Botanical Quilt Challenge)

Click on “play button” and the “Help” link to learn about navigating the virtual exhibit (you will be on a site https://my.matterport.com)

You can move around gallery, clicks on circles, and enlarge

Sometimes it is frustrating, but wonderful to explore!


To find mental stimulation, but be selective!!!!!

Go to YouTube and type in “Textile Talks”………6 national organizations did talks this summer and they are found there.



 DO prop your tablet on a stand and enjoy as you prep food, fold clothes or when you are in the same room and don’t have to pay close attention to the chore.

DON’T be tempted by weight loss, wrinkle cream, etc. ads!  Remember they have algorithms to track and send you all sorts of junk and pop ups.




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