Seward News

Greetings from Seward on Ice!!

Yes, this time of year, we are thankful for our Icebugs, our cleats, and anything else that will keep us upright.  

As for our quilting activities, we're still all humming along at home, and have been getting out a bit more.  Our Thursdays at Metco have opened up again, and while participation is small, at least a few of us are taking advantage of a little time together on a weekly basis.  Nothing like we had been, but baby steps.  Sheila Squires has been stepping up her game in bringing us more retreats at Seward Resort.  These are limited to 10 participants instead of close to 30, but it feels like plenty of space and safety while still affording us some sewing time away from our own sewing rooms.

We've been working towards making quilts for our Seward Veterans, and the American Legion is doing a great job of getting those out there!  While events and ceremonies are limited, they were still able to put a huge dent in our first delivery of quilts.  Veteran's Day at the Legion was festooned with some lovely quilts and happy faces.

We do get together on Zoom every now and again.  Our Seward group ranges from Arizona, to the Valley, Valdez, Anchorage, Montana, Michigan, and it's so good to be able to see everyone and be able to visit.

Heather Johnston will be sending us a gentle reminder within the next few weeks that we still have UFO's to finish.  She expedites this program, bless her!

Happy Quilting to All!!

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