President's Report

Happy December!

This has been a challenge to all of us to varying degrees.  Many of us skated by, hiding in our quilting rooms, sneaking out to the grocery store in the wee hours of the morning, and all of us have made accommodations.  Some of us have had to go through some serious life changes during this time, which were made harder because of the limited access and shutdown situation.  To all of you, I send hugs, wishing for the time when we will again be able to hug.


Our Guild has morphed in ways that are more conducive to online interaction, thankfully.  

  • Our General Membership meeting was held via Zoom, and was well attended and was a success.  Thank you all.

  • We recently had our Holiday Zoom.  Wonderful!  Thank you all for attending!  A big thank you to our presenters:  Barb Steckel, Heather Johnston, and Karrie Youngblood.  We have three great projects to create for gifts during the holiday season.  Already we're creating and using new material.  New material is always good!

  • By now, you will have received the first of the blocks for the Anniversary Block of the Month.  This project will give you a little something to work on each month, and will result in lovely quilts.  I can't wait to see the fabrics you choose, your progress on the blocks, and the unique layouts you may choose.

  • After the holidays, even though we aren't going to Homer for Retreat, Retreat will be coming to us in the form of a mystery quilt.  I'm very much looking forward to that!  As I understand it, local fabric shops will be able to create kits.  Make sure to read the Retreat News.  There's more than just the mystery up their collective sleeves.

Lois has been amazing, sending out not only notices of each Newsletter release, but in sending all sorts of extra material on to our membership via email.  Without her, none of the above would have been possible.


There are many fun things to do online related to quilting, and I hope you're taking advantage of some of them.


Sew on, brothers and sisters, sew on!



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