“What’s Happening”

By Jan Wallace

Quilters are always curious about what’s new and what’s happening in the quilting world. Going to shows is limited by travel and cancellations, but there are some possibilities.

 IN ALASKA Fall 2020

Sept 4-29-- “Playing with Shapes” by Diane Melms

                  Georgia Blue Gallery, 3555 Arctic Blvd C-5, Anchorage

                  Wed-Sat 11-4

4 Alaskan Art Quilters were accepted in the Regional SAQA exhibit “Shifting Tides”. It is currently still scheduled to come to Alaska.

Sept- International Gallery of Contemporary Art

                  427 D Street, Anchorage         

                  Wed 12-4, Thurs 4-8, Fri & Sat 12-4

Oct  - Pratt Museum, 3779 Bartlett Street, Homer

                  Tues- Sat 12-5

OUT of ALASKA----actually in cyberspace

Want to learn a new technique or history about quilting activities?

There are webinars on Fabric sourcing, how to use tools such as EQ7 or the TinLizzie, Story Swing coats about Civil Rights Era, etc.

Go to the website of your favorite national group or museum and check out the current displays. Most of these are slide shows with close-ups sometimes. A few have videos to watch. Listed below are some sources.

www.quiltcon.com  “Quiltcon 2020 Winners”

www.quilts.com       check out Quilt Gallery

www.road2ca.com   look at 2020 Contest winners

www.saqa.com       “Layered and Stitched: 50 years of Innovative Art”

                                “Opposites Attract”

                                “Masterworks: Abstract and Geometric”

                                “Forced to Flee” -8 short videos

                                “Connecting Our Natural Worlds” -video




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