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Hello from our damp haven here on the Eastern Peninsula! The weather always seems to turn when the Silver Salmon Derby starts. Ah well. We’re inside playing with fabric anyway. Some of us do go fishing, there’s gardening and berry picking between the raindrops, all manner of things to do to clear our minds. We just need to seek it out.

We have not been meeting at the same location, but have done at least one Zoom meeting per month. It’s great to catch up with everyone, and find out what is going on at everyone’s home.

Three of us participated in the Moda Grunge challenge through Sew’n Bee Cozy. One of the criteria was, it has to be an original design. Well, I had taken a class, and when I got back to finishing, I put my own twist on it. To say it was planned would be a stretch. It turned out fine, and that’s what I went with for this! We’ll see what happens from here.

While adult mask demand had been ebbing, the demand for kid’s masks has had a surge. The Boys & Girls Club opened up, and requested masks from Seward Area Quilters. We had pretty good response, and one of our quilters, Christiana Smith, has led that charge. She’s also got good connections with the school. Some of the inmates at Spring Creek Correctional Center have pledged to make some 700 children’s masks for the local schools.

Heather had seven volunteers to make another round of masks for use at the hospital.

We voted to keep going with our UFO contest for the year. There they sit, waiting for us to pick them up again!! We’ll get ‘er done!

As usual, we’ve got a number of Elizabeth Hartman fans, doing any number of fun things. I think the Unicorn quilts are finishing up, and I’m not sure if they decided on goats, or what. There’s also “Journey 2 Nebula” put on by Jaybird Quilts, “Jurassic Park Inspired Quilt-Along” put on by Fandom in Stitches to name a few. There are some teachers that a few of us follow: Gudrun Erla, Pat Sloan, Debby Brown, Terri Atkinson, the list goes on. So much to keep up on!

We’re very excited by the projects that the Guild will be sharing, and can’t wait to add that to our projects. This should keep us occupied, and happily stitching away.

We hope all of you are enjoying these fine months, going into fall. Our hope is to be able to see you very soon, be it via Zoom, or in person, a few of you at a time!!





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