Retreat Report

by Patrice Krant

Well, first the bad news, thanks to COVID-19, which is that we will not have a retreat in 2021. Please be sure to call Land’s End (907-235-0400) to cancel your room reservation if you have not already done so.

Now for the good news.

First, Retreat 2022 is already scheduled at Land’s End for February 18-20, so mark your calendar now! You can’t reserve a room for it yet because they have no group pricing or room blocks set up, but the dates and our conference rooms are all reserved.

Retreat 2022 will still be our 25th Kenai Peninsula Quilt Guild Retreat, so you have time to design the 25th anniversary tee shirt and win a $100 gift card to your favorite quilt shop. The new deadline for the tee shirt design is April 1, 2021.

It’s A Mystery!

 Since we won’t have Retreat to look forward to in February 2021, let’s make a mystery quilt! The Homer group has already chosen and tested the quilt pattern, and will publish the instructions each week in February, a few steps at a time. Bearly Threaded and Sew & Bee Cozy will sell kits for the mystery (minus the instructions, of course), and Bearly Threaded has offered free quilting for the mystery quilt to one lucky winner who has completed her quilt top by a specific deadline (date to be determined).

Have a wonderful Autumn!

P.S. I still have this pair of scissors with the green tape on it that was left in the Quarterdeck room at Retreat. Please let me know if it is yours.

a pair of sizzers






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