Challenge Blocks


                           KPQG 2020 Challenge Blocks


The KPQG Challenge Blocks “Postcards” have found a display place! 

They are at River City Books in Soldotna from August 15-September 21.

Due to COVID issues there are fewer than usual, but they are wonderful as usual.

        The entrants are:

Janet Bacher                         “Greetings from the Yukon”

Janelle Marks                         “Sweet Paris”

Ruby Nofsinger                     “Hummingbird Migrating North”

Diane Owens                         “Joe’s Personalized Plate”

Ann- Lillian Schell                 “Home Sweet Home, Alaska”

Debbie Standefer                  “Thank You”

Jan Wallace                           “Ancient Flyways”

Kathy Wartinbee                  “School Closed On the Kenai River”                           



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