President's Report

Greetings to my Stitch Brothers and Sisters!!  

As I sit here, getting ready to compose this letter, I’m hearing a long forgotten tune in my head, “What a Strange, Strange, World We Live In, Master Jack…”  Do any of you remember that one?  1968.  4 Jacks and a Jill recorded it.  Well, back to 2020, which is a VERY strange world indeed!

This COVID-19 has knocked us off kilter, and put many of us on our laurels.  What do we do?  How do we act?  When will it all end?  Most of these questions still don’t have answers, but we have found things we can do, and this newsletter should be full of very interesting items that will have you sitting up paying attention.

As you may have read in my earlier emailed letter, our General Membership Meeting on Saturday, October 3rd at 10:00 will be via Zoom.  There is business we need to attend to, and that should not take much time.  After business, we’re going to be putting together a Show & Share presentation.  

Share what you have been working on during our Zoom General meeting on October 3 by submitting no more than 2 pictures per member.  Include your name, the quilter's name and the quilt's name or pattern.  We will try and include some information on each picture, but you might also be able to add a little information during the meeting.  This is a learning experience for all of us, so let's give it a try.   Submit your photos to

We will schedule a couple of Zoom practice sessions, with one of them being the night before the meeting, to help anyone who needs it, and for us to brush up on our Zoom skills so we don’t have to do this at the meeting.  I would urge you to attend.  We’d love to see your faces!

On Saturday, November 7th at 10:00 a.m., where we would normally gather to attend our fun event “Getting Ready for Christmas”, we’ll be putting on Holiday Zoom.  There will be Demos from the three different areas of the Peninsula, and a Q&A.  Seriously, this should be fun!  We’ll be sending out patterns and instructions via email prior to this event, so you can gather your materials.  Bonus:  No packing your machine and half your sewing doo dads!

 We’re working on a Block of the Month.  Grace Lindle, our very own Pattern expert, will be compiling twelve blocks that would work together into a quilt.  These will be released monthly in time for you to get your quilt done, hopefully in time for a Grand Reveal at our 25th Retreat in Homer February 2022.  This will be a very fun project.  Nothing like looking forward to a do-able project in your email once a month!

These items may be reiterated in different parts of this newsletter, with more detail.  Also, you will be reading about some exciting projects, virtual shows, learning opportunities, and things that we are bringing to you to keep your quilting mojo alive.

Thank you all for riding this storm with us.  Even though there have been hard decisions your Executive Board has had to make, we’re pitching ideas out there that we hope will keep that creative fire burning.  We hope that we’ll all be there on the other side of this, together again!  Until then, keep stitching!

Virtual Hugs,



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